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1. A market overview

Monitoring samples show that, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market mentality is better, the overall smooth transition, start to run low position, the national market, this weekend the price 6540 yuan / ton, the week up 0.15%, down 1.63%.

2. the market analysis

Product: from June13 to June17 anhydrous hydrofluoric acid the overall market is still narrow upward, larger environmental supervision, the majority of hydrofluoric acid manufacturers reduce the operating rate; the current overall market in Zhejiang province to the prices in the 6700-7000 yuan / ton, Jiangsu Province sent the price between 6800-7200 yuan / ton. Factory inventories run low.

Chain: upstream fluorite powder market pushed slightly from June13 to June17, by the environmental impact of increased regulatory scrutiny, lack of market started supply, the recent upward oriented fluorite powder market as a whole, currently 97% of the domestic fluorite powder at 1,500 yuan / ton; fluorite block fluorite particles and present performance in general, but there are no shortage of late rebound expected, after a long digestion current upstream fluorite market improved slightly. This week the domestic market continued low order of sulfuric acid, the main domestic manufacturers of sulfuric acid in sulfuric acid plant operating at low load, adequate market supply, manufacturers and many more contract orders ship-based, single-scattered less. This week R22 refrigerant prices weak market decline, can still be traded, traders continue to clear the reservoir, the manufacturer means the load operation to remain low, the market volume was light.

3. the market outlook forecast

Currently hydrofluoric acid market supply is relatively tight, while the downstream refrigeration industry as a whole is stable, hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid analysts believe the market will continue to rise slightly next week to push the country to discuss the price range at 6500-7000 yuan / ton.

(Source: Business News Agency)

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