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Hydrofluoric acid is a solubility oxide, which plays an important role in the purification of aluminum and uranium. Hydrofluoric acid is also used to etch glass, carving pattern, scale and dimension text; semiconductor industry uses it to remove the silicon oxide surface, it can be used in the refinery isobutane and n-butene alkylation reaction the catalyst was removed stainless steel surface oxygen impurity "pickling" process will be used hydrofluoric acid. Hydrofluoric acid is also used for the synthesis of various fluorine-containing organic compounds, such as Teflon (PTFE) as well as a class of Freon refrigerant.

In cells adherent to implants retrieved from rat tibia, RUNX-2 mRNA levels were 2-fold and 8-fold greater on the TiO2/HF(Hydrofluoric acid) surfaces at 1–3 and 7 days following implantation. This was paralleled by significantly greater levels of ALP at 3 and 7 days and BSP mRNA at 7 days following implantation. As a marker of osteoinduction, the increased levels of RUNX-2 in cells adherent to the TiO2/HF surfaces suggest that the additional HF treatment of the TiO2 grit blasted surface results in surface properties that support adherent cell osteoinduction. In vivo assessments of implant adherent cell phenotypes provide further insight into the mechanisms affecting alloplast–tissue interactions.

Hydrofluoric acid is aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride gas, clear, colorless, fuming corrosive liquid with a pungent odor severe. Melting point -83.3 ℃, boiling point 112.2 ℃, density 0.888g / cm3. Soluble in water, ethanol, ether-soluble. Because between a fluorine atom and a hydrogen atom bound to relatively strong, so that hydrofluoric acid can not be completely ionized in water, so theoretically low concentration of hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid. It is extremely corrosive and can strongly corrode metal, glass and silicon-containing objects. Such as inhalation of vapors or contact with the skin can cause burns difficult to cure. Laboratory general use fluorite (mainly composed of calcium fluoride) and concentrated sulfuric acid to make, may need to be sealed in a plastic bottle, and stored in a cool place.