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One patient required subsequent surgical intervention for grafting of a full-thickness burn, and one patient developed transient spasm at the site of percutaneous arterial line insertion. Intraarterial calcium infusion for the treatment of Hydrofluoric acid(HF) burns of the fingers provides many therapeutic advantages, including elimination of painful calcium injection directly into fingertips, avoidance of debilitating procedures such as fingernail removal, and assurance that all affected cells are receiving adequate amounts of calcium to replenish depleted stores and to complex with remaining free fluoride ion.

Eectronic-grade hydrofluoric acid production plant design is closely related to process layout, the vertical arrangement of the flow of raw materials (anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and high purity water) and the intermediate product can flow by gravity from top to bottom, in the middle of the preparation of high purity hydrofluoric acid, the product filtration, bottling and storage at the bottom. This arrangement can reduce the pump delivery, save energy, reduce production costs, while avoiding secondary pollution pump products.

Production process: industrial anhydrous hydrofluoric acid after chemical pretreatment, into the distillation column by distillation operation, the hydrogen fluoride gas obtained after cooling, ultra-pure water with absorption in the absorber, and the use of spray density control, GLR other methods to make further purified electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, followed by ultrafiltration step 0.2μm or less, and finally closed in clean environmental conditions (one hundred or less) to obtain the final product filling --- electronic grade hydrofluoric acid.