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Preparation of electronic grade hydrofluoric acid applied test instruments are as follows: (1) high-frequency inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP - MS); (2) by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission analyzer (ICP - AES); (3) atoms absorption spectrophotometer; (4) the oxygen atom flameless atomic absorption analyzer; (5) ion chromatographic analyzer; (6) laser light scattering particle counter liquid; (7) the water surface impurity analysis system; (8) interatomic force microscope; (9) optical microscope particle counter; (10) scanning electron microscope; (11) and the optical film thickness measuring surface profiling instrument; (12) surface tension tester; (13) in air dust particle analyzer; (14 ) water resistivity meter.

High water is hydrofluoric acid in the production of electronic indispensable raw material, also the packaging container cleaning agents, which will directly affect the purity of the product quality electronic grade hydrofluoric acid. The main control targets high water resistivity and solid particles, other auxiliary indicators total oxidizable carbon (TOC), bacteria, dissolved silica, ion concentration. Currently, high purity water production technology is more mature, more common is the first by an ion exchange column and micro filter to give ordinary water, then using reverse osmosis, electrodialysis and other membrane technology for further processing, with the final sterilization and ultrafiltration you can obtain high purity water.

The main production of hydrofluoric acid production equipment, materials and equipment manufacturing technology, packaging technology requirements more stringent. High environmental cleanliness of the plant, analysis room, storage, etc., in contact with the finished part to reach 100. Throughout the production process of product quality management demanding.