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Hydrofluoric acid is aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride, colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid smoke. Usually continuity irritating odor, easy to volatilize in an open container, there is a strong corrosive and toxic, having an acid, as well as silica, silicates, glass from the special nature of chemical reactions. Hydrofluoric acid has highly corrosive for silicon compounds. Typically stored in a sealed plastic container, you can select the scene in the production of steel lined PE storage devices and other materials,  reduce the risk of aging equipment produced.

Usually high purity hydrofluoric acid and desalinated water are directly absorbed by the hydrogen fluoride finished product obtained directly, but in organic fluorine products generally are water purity hydrofluoric acid is an inevitable by-product forms, such as F22 production will produce 10 hydrofluoric acid aqueous solution to 20% by mass of hydrofluoric acid aqueous solution of 40% to 55% of the mass fraction of R134a in the production of by-product , if not this part of the use of hydrofluoric acid, it will greatly increase the cost of production not only increase the loss of the "F" of resources, a greater difficulty processing wastewater containing fluoride, becoming one of the main factors affecting the environmental.

Because of non-renewable resources of fluorite, fluorite current relative shortage of resources, especially in recent years, both the purchasing and the quality of fluorite, the difficulty is very large, the cost of Hydrofluoric acid and its subsequent products can be described for this grade level rise, question how do byproduct utilization of hydrogen fluoride directly placed in front of people, but also the common demand for clean production processes and energy saving of the environment. It can be said as long as the by-product hydrogen fluoride to sell out, even complimentary, is an asset of the enterprise, saving a fortune of fluorine-containing wastewater treatment, is a brief introduction of several measures related to utilization of hydrofluoric acid byproduct.