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With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more widespread use of hydrofluoric acid, it is like a double edged sword, it can be a good solution to the problem aspects of production and life, but also because it generally dilute solution, even generate a mixed solution with other media together easy to store and transport of salt products, and mostly with a different name, so that users do not even know the existence of hydrofluoric acid, so relaxed in the course of hydrofluoric acid protection, leading to environmental pollution, and even a direct impact on people's health, the good treatment time delays, cause direct harm to people.

Hydrofluoric acid due to its affinity for hydrogen ion fluoride ion strong solution from the lower degrees, so fewer free hydrogen ions in dilute solution so that upon contact, pain often does not occur immediately (unlike other strong acids will severe pain immediately), but also because of its weak surface tissue irritation, easily lead to the patient after the injury, because there was no immediately obvious symptoms and delay treatment of a good time. Although hydrofluoric acid can also produce the most serious burns, but usually one of the hydrogen ions on the human body injury only a minor role, fluoride ions invade the body deep tissue, hydrofluoric acid is the main culprit causing bodily harm, it It can penetrate deep tissue, resulting in liquefaction necrosis, bone decalcification, severe deep tissue pain. It will combine with the body of calcium and magnesium cations to produce insoluble calcium fluoride or magnesium fluoride salts, etc., caused by low calcium levels, low magnesium. 

Therefore, the majority of hydrofluoric acid manufacturers, users need to continue to strengthen the staff of the hydrofluoric acid in the production, packaging, transportation, use and protection of safety and environmental protection education, preparation for hydrofluoric acid derivative containing hydrofluoric acid component cleaning agent, etching, etc., in the package insert to clear the medium protection requirements, especially in some industries workforce relatively flexible, more mobile workers, is more education to be repeated, can improve self-defense capability of employees, but also reduce environmental pollution, but also do a good job to maximize the effectiveness of the work of these enterprises effective protection.