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Arsenic impurity is an important indicator of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid impurity to be controlled, the raw material of arsenic in hydrofluoric acid generally three valence state, and AsF3 acid and hydrofluoric acid having a boiling point or less, so that distillation alone the effect of separation is not their ideal. For the removal of arsenic impurities, may, before the distillation, adding an appropriate amount of a strong oxidizing agent (such as potassium permanganate, etc.) to the trivalent arsenic oxidation state, so that it is deposited in the bottoms is removed in the distillation process. 

Production equipment and technology of Hydrofluoric acid: the production of all equipment made of carbon steel lined PTFE materials, production process using pressure, closed, continuous, using hot water at low temperature (less than 100 degrees) distillation distillation, process parameters using DCS. distributed control system production.  

Preparation of highly pure water: through an ion exchange filter first obtained with ordinary water, through reverse osmosis, electrodialysis after entering the sterilization, ultra filtration to obtain high purity water.anhydrous hydrofluoric acid pretreatment tank side, distillation and distillation column edge, product packaging zone settings HF concentration of toxic gas detection, centralized alarm system.

Setting exhaust absorber, the absorber base, exhaust discharge standards.

Quality indicators, currently, because each standard microelectronics manufacturer of electronic grade hydrofluoric acid requirements are different, it can be divided into four classes: ① low-grade products for> 1.2μmIC technology production; ② affordable products for 0.8 ~ 1.2μmIC technology in production; ③ high-end products for 0.2 ~ 0.6μmIC technology production; ④ high-end products for 0.09 ~ 0.2μm and <0.09μm IC production technology.

Product Packaging: high-density polyethylene (or tetrafluoroethylene, perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether copolymer, polytetrafluoroethylene) special sealing process for making plastic bucket 25 kg drums.