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High-purity quartz sand has a wide range of applications in construction, glass manufacturing, foundry and other industrial, quartz sand tailings in addition to Fe, Al processing, it is possible to obtain high-purity quartz sand equivalent alternative. In this study, Heyuan, Guangdong quartz tailings as raw material, made in collaboration hydrofluoric acid oxalate refining quartz sand tailings method, and determine the best conditions. By dissolving oxalic Fe3 + complex experiments to determine the amount of oxalic acid and the reaction temperature; oxalic acid refined by HF collaborative experiments to determine the acid leaching reaction time and material ratio. The results showed that, 80 ℃ when 200g particle size of 60 mesh silica sand tailings in the 100m L oxalic acid solution saturated with HF ratio 25:1 (by volume) of the acid immersion, soak 4h when quartz tailings treatment can achieve refined the goal of. Refined quartz sand silica content can reach 99.97%, the whiteness of 87.5. 

Experiments show that, through additional oxalic acid and refined liquid hydrofluoric acid(HF) can achieve cycle applications. Refined liquid cooling failure recyclable crystallization of oxalic acid, and the remaining liquid and refined quartz sand water wash liquid together with the end of treatment. Tail Liquid treatment using saturated clarify the lime impurities in the waste liquid precipitation, and the tail was clarified saturated lime water volume ratio of 1:13 when the best treatment, the treated water can reach the discharge standard.

The rapid development of semiconductor fabrication, and accordingly dependent on the fluorine chemical industry is also increasing. Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid was prepared as a semiconductor integrated circuit cleaning critical materials, our country has long been dependent on imports. Progress of Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid of an overview, including several aspects of current development, manufacturing process, quality standards and development prospects.