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Hydrofluoric acid(HF) concentration detector Product Description: HF concentration detector is suitable for a variety of environments and special circumstances of the hydrofluoric acid(HF) concentration of hydrofluoric acid and disclosure, online monitoring and live sound and light alarm on the job-site safety hazards from to early warning, this instrument uses imported electrochemical sensors and microcontroller technology, with signal stability, high accuracy, good repeatability, explosion-proof wiring for a variety of dangerous places, and is compatible with a variety of controllers, PLC, DCS and other control systems can achieve on-site and remote alarm monitoring, alarm function, 4-20mA standard signal output, relay switch output.

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) concentration detector Features: Import electrochemical sensor has a good anti-jamming performance for the life of 8 years. The use of advanced micro-processing technology, fast response, high accuracy, stability and repeatability. Having a detection site having a live sound and light alarm, gas concentration in excess of immediate alarm, the safety and security of dangerous workplaces. 4 spot with a backlit LCD display, intuitive display of gas concentration, type, unit, job status. 5 independent chamber, replace the sensor without on-site calibration, the sensor automatically identify key parameters. 6 whole range digital temperature compensation automatic tracking, to ensure measurement accuracy. 

Detection of gas: air hydrofluoric acid (HF) detection range: 0 ~ 100ppm, 0 ~ 200ppm, 0 ~ 1000ppm, 0 ~ 1000ppm, 0 ~ 5000ppm, 100% LEL optional. Respectively Rate: 0.01ppm (0 ~ 100ppm); 0.1ppm (0 ~ 1000ppm); 1ppm (0 ~ 10000ppm above); 0.1LEL work: fixed continuous work, diffusion type, pipeline, when the circulation pump priming optional. Detection error: ≦ 1% (F.S) Response time: ≦ 10S output signal: current signal output 4-20MA Alarm: 2way passive node signal output, alarm point can be set.