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Hydrofluoric acid is most commonly used for industrial purposes. It is used in:

(1)Computer screen manufacturing

(2)Fluorescent bulbs

(3)Glass etching

(4)High-octane gasoline manufacturing

(5)Some household rust removers

Note: This list may not be all inclusive.

Don't swallow hydrofluoric acid. From swallowing:

(1)Abdominal pain

(2)Breathing difficulty from throat and mouth swelling and burning

(3)Collapse (from low blood pressure or shock)

(4)Chest pain


(6)Irregular heartbeat

(7)Mouth pain

(8)Throat pain

(9)Vomiting blood

Hydrofluoric acid can cause chemical burns, what is chemical burns?

Chemical burns (skin): caused by corrosive or irritant chemicals, can cause shallow or full-thickness skin injury, the light often cause burns part of scarring, affect the function; Emphasis will be cut means (leg), and even endanger life.

Chemical burns (eye): Risk of conjunctiva, cornea or eye damage. Light could cause blurred vision, severe cases can cause blindness due to eyeball perforation.

Whether skin chemical burns or chemical eye burns will bring great suffering to the patient, due to the limitations of chemical burn treatment technology, the current scar treatment patients can not completely satisfied with the results, so patients also endure the pain of flesh outside We will face enormous psychological trauma.

Enterprise employees after chemical burns accident, in addition to pay high medical expenses for the injured employee, and therefore may also affect the normal production of enterprises. As the skin chemical burns and ocular chemical burns belong to occupational diseases, therefore, this type of accident in the event of a direct impact on corporate image and will be subject to penalties higher authorities.