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Hydrofluoric acid is toxic and corrosive, but actually isn't that strong of an acid compared to other hydrohalic acids; the fluorine has a very good orbital overlap with hydrogen and is also not very polarizable, therefore it resists donating its proton unlike other hydrohalic acids which are good proton donators. It will break down some tissues, but it will take a relatively long time and won't turn the entire body into stuff that can be rinsed down the drain. Hydrofluoric acid is a much stronger acid, and as it has several uses from pH-balancing pool water to preparing concrete surfaces, it's available by the gallon from any hardware store. However, it isn't very good at dissolving bodies either; while it will eventually work by breaking down the connective tissues, it will make a huge stink and take several days to dissolve certain types of tissues and bones.

I think the use of hydrofluoric Acid was script-driven rather than fact driven: it sounds scary rather than being a good choice. Also it allows for the possibility of the darkly comic bathtub scene where the acid dissolves a ceramic bath because Jessie ignores Walter's instructions (which establishes Walter's expertise and Jessie's lack of it).

Former hazardous chemical such as hydrofluoric acid production enterprises in production, procedures shall be "safe production license regulations", and achieved dangerous chemicals production license.

Production included in the national system of production license for industrial products catalog of dangerous chemicals business, procedures shall "People's Republic of China industrial production permit regulations", made of industrial production permit.

Circumstances responsible for the issuance of dangerous chemicals production license, production license of industrial products sector, it should be promptly informed of licensing to the same level of industry and information technology departments, environmental protection departments and public security organs.