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If the person touched hydrofluoric acid, treatment may include:

Magnesium and calcium solutions applied to the skin to neutralize the acid (solutions may also be given through an IV);

Monitoring to watch for signs of body-wide poisoning;

Medicines to treat symptoms;

Surgical removal of burned skin (debridement);

Transfer to a hospital that specializes in burn care;

Washing of the skin (irrigation), possibly every few hours for several days;

If the person breathed in hydrofluoric acid, treatment may include:

Airway support, as above;

Breathing treatments that deliver calcium into the lungs;

Medicines to treat symptoms;

The person may need to be admitted to a hospital to continue treatment. Surgery may be needed if the esophagus, stomach, or intestine have holes (perforations) from the acid.

Article 11: Country of dangerous chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid production, storage implementation of overall planning, rational distribution.

Industry and information technology departments under the State Council and other relevant departments under the State Council according to their respective duties, be responsible for dangerous chemicals production, storage of industrial planning and layout.

Local governments organize the preparation of urban and rural planning should be based on the actual situation in the region, according to the principle of ensuring safety, proper planning area dedicated to the production of dangerous chemicals, storage.

Article 12: The new construction, renovation, expansion of production and storage of dangerous chemicals construction projects (hereinafter referred to as construction projects), should be reviewed by the safety conditions of production safety supervision and management departments.