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Outlook (Prognosis)of hydrofluoric acid:

Hydrofluoric acid is especially dangerous. The most common accidents involving hydrofluoric acid cause severe burns on the skin and hands. The burns may be extremely painful. People will have a lot of scarring and some loss of function in the area involved.

Swallowing this poison can have severe effects on many parts of the body. Extensive damage to the mouth, throat, and stomach are possible. Holes (perforations) in the esophagus and stomach may cause serious infections in the chest and abdominal cavities, which may result in death.

The construction unit of the construction project should demonstrate safety conditions, entrusted with the qualifications prescribed by the State agency for the safety assessment of construction projects, the municipal people's government and security conditions and demonstrate the safety evaluation report reported construction project is located districts production safety supervision and management departments; safety production supervision and administration department shall, within 45 days of receipt of the decision to review the date of the report, and written notice of the construction unit. Specific measures shall be formulated by the production safety supervision and management department of the State Council.

New construction, renovation, expansion of storage, handling of hazardous chemicals port construction project, the port administrative department review of security conditions in accordance with the transportation departments of the State Council.

Article 13 foom "Dangerous Chemicals Regulations": production, storage of dangerous chemicals units shall lay their hazardous chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid pipeline setting up clear signs, and hazardous chemicals piping periodic inspection, testing.