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Hydrofluoric acid burns, if not promptly recognized and properly treated, may produce serious injury and prolonged disability. Clinically, characteristic and specific treatment, given early, is very effective. A series of forty-five burns is reviewed and a plan of treatment is proposed which depends in part on the severity of the tissue injury and includes local injections of 10 per cent calcium gluconate.

The decomposability in hydrofluoric acid of a selection of 28 main and some minor and trace minerals of silicate rocks was investigated. 21 minerals were decomposed successfully by heating on the water bath ; the remainder - with the exception of topaz-were found to be decomposable at the higher temperatures of a teflon-lined bomb. The results indicate that hydrofluoric acid alone is more effective as decomposing agent than a mixture containing another mineral acid.

First, hydrofluoric acid is highly corrosive media, it is necessary to choose a fluorine plastic (commonly known as the king of plastic) material lined pumps, pump the material before determining, first understand the hydrofluoric acid concentration and temperature of the medium mining, must pay attention to the seal material replaced tetrafluoroethylene material. Medical use of several brands, the specific online search under the phone to ask.