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The initial rescue measures after contact with hydrofluoric acid: usually included in the contact area coated with calcium gluconate gel. If the contact range is too wide, or delays too long, then healthcare provider may inject calcium salt solution in an artery or surrounding tissue. But in any case, after contact with hydrofluoric acid must be timely and professional care. Even if we can receive timely treatment, less than 10% of the body surface area exposed to hydrofluoric acid can also be fatal (less than 2% of the area of the body exposed to HF may also be fatal). Swallow high concentration of hydrofluoric acid solution can lead to acute hypocalcemia, causing cardiac arrest and death.

February 13, 2015 afternoon, the startling news Keelung Pier 11 East hydrofluoric acid(HF) leakage incident, EPA toxic strain disaster team arrived at the scene immediately disposed of. No material from escaping again on the 16th, in just four days, after another two HF, causing public panic. Hydrofluoric exactly what kind of chemical properties? Imports of HF used? HF will cause any kind of harm?

Hydrofluoric acid is used mainly for industrial purposes (e.g. glass etching, metal cleaning, electronics manufacturing). HF acid also may be found in home rust removers. Exposure usually is accidental and often is due to inadequate use of protective measures. HF acid burns are a unique clinical entity. Dilute solutions deeply penetrate before dissociating, thus causing delayed injury and symptoms. Burns to the fingers and nail beds may leave the overlying nails intact, and pain may be severe with little surface abnormality.