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The 2 mechanisms that cause tissue damage are corrosive burn from the free hydrogen ions and chemical burn from tissue penetration of the fluoride ions. Fluoride ions penetrate and form insoluble salts with calcium and magnesium. Soluble salts also are formed with other cations but dissociate rapidly. Consequently, fluoride ions release, and further tissue destruction occurs.

Hydrofluoric acid is aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride, pungent odor and toxic properties. The main cause of Keelung Harbour East 11 HF leak is suspected adverse events by the Chinese arrived in Keelung hydrofluoric acid tank quality corroded, the exact cause of the need to trace. Although HF is a weak acid, but it can produce a chemical reaction with many substances, such as glass (mainly composed of silicon dioxide), metals, metal oxides, hydroxides, pottery will be HF, and therefore can not be said substance containers must be in containers of plastic or leaden, especially polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon that is often used as non-stick pan coating) is preferably a container, sealed and stored in a vacuum environment, the delivery process must not get wet, heat, impact.

More concentrated solutions and anhydrous hydrofluoric acid cause immediate painful burns and tissue destruction. HF burns pose unique dangers distinct from other acids such as HCl and H2SO4: undissociated HF readily penetrates the skin, damaging underlying tissue; fluoride ion can then cause destruction of soft tissues and decalcification of the bones.