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1. Hydrofluoric acid has a strong corrosive effect, often used in industry. HF burns played pain, it does not appear in the contact time, a few hours after the emergence of unbearable pain. Head And early is often overlooked, it has strong corrosion in addition, can cause local tissue necrosis, long-term non-healing ulcer, if not treated in time can destroy deep periosteum, causing bone aseptic necrosis. Emphasis on early treatment is very important in HF burns, someone rabbit animal experiments show at least five minutes rinse with water after hydrofluoric acid burns. This group one case chlorofluorocarbons anhydrous acid burns 4% (degree III 1%), anterior chest rinse with tap water made promptly, it significantly reduced the degree burns (superficial II degree), but failed to flush right wrist, causing a degree III burns, skin graft after treatment to recover.

2. Surface wound debridement, hydrofluoric acid can prevent continued erosion to the surrounding tissue proliferation. Blisters formed should be incision and drainage, necrotic tissue must be thoroughly cleaned, especially when HF invade the nail bed, pulling a more timely, cleaning the wound surface, promptly removed after the formation of the burn eschar prevents the formation of connective tissue proliferation scar.

3. Arterial infusion of calcium gluconate, pain fast, long duration, can prevent further tissue necrosis caused by hydrofluoric acid, which aims to make calcium ions through the skin, and has entered the body of free fluoride ions, generates no stimulation, no toxic calcium fluoride, fluoride ions thereby reducing damage to the tissue. It was suggested in the field or soaking wet with lime, which is a very easy way, easy to promote.