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We believe that after hydrofluoric acid burn, as the necrotic tissue on the surface, sometimes after the neutralization treatment can "rescue complex", so after the pain stopped is appropriate.

1. Early local DC calcium penetration. Under the action of calcium ions can penetrate into the DC electric field is generated within the organization and the organization has penetrated into hydrofluoric acid-insoluble calcium fluoride, and an acid to the wound surface to prevent chlorofluorocarbons invasion depth exhibition, this method is safe, reliable analgesic effect, significant effect. Since 1977, our hospital use, have achieved good results.

2. Rational use of MEBO, the use of moist exposed therapy (1) analgesic effect is obvious: this effect upon which the protection shield cover, dredge microcirculation stasis drugs and drugs with chemical factors "antagonistic" effect of MEBO layer to the peripheral nerves, reduce chemical tissue damage. (2) having a "neutral" role: MEBO treatment of hydrofluoric acid burns, not only dilute the chemical substances discharged from chemical substances, but also has wounds remaining acid neutralizing effect. (3) accelerate wound healing: the use of moist exposed therapy, necrotic crusts easily separated, to avoid the next scab infection. Continuously discharging liquefied necrotic tissue, epithelial cell proliferation, provides a good environment. The patients wound healing time than the traditional therapy for about 6 days in advance. II shallow, shallow depth of type II, type deep wounds average healing time was 7.32 days, 15.78 days and days 24, 33, respectively. (4) hydrofluoric acid burns more involved the hands, feet, head, face and other exposed parts, not complete treatment Crust, clinical treatment difficult. Using MEBT effectively solve these problems. MEBO can promote hydrolysis of necrotic tissue, enzymatic hydrolysis, saponification, acidification and other effects to achieve smooth drainage, to rot myogenic purposes. It can not only promote the mixing of residual burn wounds skin island, glands, hair follicles and other epithelial hyperplasia, reach the skin of the object, but also in the crust and scab liquefy necrotic tissue and drainage clear and timely, but also to avoid the acid chlorofluorocarbons continue to the next seepage corrosion. This feature is important for the absorption of fluorine poisoning after hydrofluoric acid burns. In practice we realized: MEBO is an ideal drug for the treatment of current chlorofluorocarbons acid burns.