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April 2016, domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market rally continued last month, increase the range of 100-300 yuan / ton range, which gains mainly concentrated in the southern region. Support the market price upward partly due to raw material fluorite powder market price upward narrow 20-50 yuan / ton, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid production costs has improved. On the other hand production plant shut down for maintenance in April, the horizontal part of the market supply of goods declined southern region, the regional supply and demand fundamentals are improving, corporate orders smoothly, mentality better. Furthermore, because the last two years anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market prices continued to fall, even upside down Boli business a long time, low-cost selling willingness weakened very price mentality pull off. Also part of the refrigerant model prices rebounded in April, manufacturers stocking will be enhanced. Multi-good news gathered at Southern producers have raised offer, downstream of the high and gradually accepted. MERCOSUR rose during the month, driven by northern producers of intent with the rise, but insufficient follow-up and the downstream demand forced prices down, market prices rose also want stability that is. As of April 27, the average price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid offer 6712.5 yuan / ton, an increase of 167.04 yuan / ton, or 2.55%; rose 132.74 yuan / ton, or 2.01%.

As of April 27, the Shandong region offer range of 6500-7700 yuan / ton factory, the local mainstream to the price of 6450-6800 yuan / ton; East interval mainstream offer 6500-6800 yuan / ton factory, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces in which mainstream to the price of 6700-7000 yuan / ton; central China offer range of 6100-6500 yuan / ton factory.

2 outlook analysis.

April domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid rally to continue, the market rose in digestion period. Late, the refrigerant is not expected to start strong upside, but the possibility of price increases caused by the presence of the low start, will to some extent on the support of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market, raw material fluorite powder market in May will increase the supply level , rose again the difficulty has increased, the cost is less than the surface supporting efforts or April. Zhuo record information anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is expected in May domestic market steady for the better, should costs continue to rise, the market price or may continue upward.