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Some people in the silicon microelectronics laboratory work, often use hydrofluoric acid(HF): HF is very dangerous, we say education laboratory to develop the habit of marking solution, exposed to the unmarked solution is necessary to use the highest level of protection treatment, generally refers to hydrofluoric acid. After exposure, please rinse with plenty of water, remove clothing, painted with this calcium gluconate ointment.

Hydrofluoric acid exposure usually only with calcium gluconate treatment: topical ointment rub exposed place, sometimes systemic medication. It can also be taken orally to incorporate fluoride ions. However, this treatment will produce large amounts of calcium fluoride insoluble: dosage hours by renal metabolism (also caused renal toxicity), when large doses can induce stones throughout the body, can not be removed with surgery. A lot of "cured" is facing not only the amputation of the psychological trauma, there is a very real pain of the body.

I've seen colleagues accident occurred in a laboratory: the former violation glassware, he use glass to contain hydrofluoric acid, and then covered with a piece of glass reduce evaporation; after a night stick to the glass beaker, the next person move the beaker however the entire vessel mechanical strength is not enough and explode. The man dressed in clean clothes but make all dirty, and finally with emergency shower almost flooded the lab. All people involved in first aid to painted cream, just in case.

There is another way to deal with the effects of fluoride lotion called hexafluoro spirit. Currently the price is more expensive, the effect is said to be better than glucose, calcium, we temporarily not equipped laboratory.

It is said that the incident in some patients peace, is also preparing to take the final exam. Regardless of the outcome, I hope people will use hydrofluoric acid do not trust to luck in the future. Of course, I sincerely hope the kids all right, learn to protect themselves.