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Ministry of Finance website published catalog of the varieties cancel export tariffs, in addition to rare earths, tungsten and molybdenum, hydrofluoric acid export tariffs to zero tariff from 10%. The policy since May 1 implementation, help to increase domestic hydrofluoric acid export and improve the fluorine chemical industry boom. According to Shangzheng Bao information learned due to enter the peak season demand and industry inventory is low, R22, R125 and other refrigerants domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers latest developments show that in April generally offer up 200 yuan / ton, some manufacturers raised the price of retail turnover 400 yuan -500 yuan / ton, the highest increase of nearly 8% due to lower refrigerant demand season arrival, manufacturers generally shill sales. At the same time, the industry started low load, the venue only to maintain the supply demand, basically no inventory. Last year, total output of about 1.1 million tons of hydrofluoric acid industry, the export volume of 20 million tons, accounting for 18% of the hydrofluoric acid to cancel export tariffs, will further enhance exports and push up the whole fluorine chemical industrial chain boom.

Downstream of the refrigerant, since the demand into the season, getting goods to the terminal air conditioning increased from the previous month, R22, R125 hike prices are generally 200 yuan -500 yuan / ton. In addition, according to the "Montreal Protocol" agreement, in 2015 the amount of refrigerant R22 production reduced by 10% to 67.5% reduction in 2025, also helps to reduce the supply industry, improve the supply and demand pattern.