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From 2012 to 2015, by serious overcapacity affected the market in recent years, hydrofluoric acid(HF) is extremely sluggish period when industry profits inversion phenomenon have occurred, some domestic small businesses overwhelmed, emerging phenomenon of long-term parking. But imports indeed unique, showing rising exceptions scene. As of November 2014, total imports of HF3429.924 tons, representing an increase of 1038.79 tons, or up to 56.9%.

Import enterprises to semiconductors, integrated circuits and electronic enterprises, electronic grade hydrofluoric acid downstream enterprises.

Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid used in integrated circuits (IC) and ultra large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) chip cleaning and etching, is one of the key basic chemical materials in the microelectronics industry production process, but also can be used as an analytical reagent and preparation high purity fluorine-containing chemicals. In terms of production, North America (United States), Asia (Japan), occupy the dominant position in Western Europe.

As the world's semiconductor manufacturing industry gradually shifted to mainland China, the domestic demand for electronic grade hydrofluoric annual growth of about 10%, and domestic electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid having a low cost advantage, if the product quality, then the alternative is not successful difficult. In the short term, the domestic manufacturers in product quality and promotion still energetic.