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Let's take a look at hydrofluoric acid. Because between a fluorine atom and a hydrogen atom bound is relatively strong, so that HF can not be completely ionized in water, so theoretically low concentration of HF is a weak acid. But not because it is "weak acid" will be able to dispose of contempt, hydrofluoric acid is extremely corrosive and can strongly corrode metal, glass and silicon-containing objects.

The hydrofluoric acid harm to human body is short "muscle invasion of osteoclasts", "invasion bar" refers to fluoride and calcium-binding affect nerve function, "osteoclasts" means fluoride ion severely reduced bone density, causing bones complication. In fact, the vast majority of HF poisoning is caused by the skin contact with HF.

For a real example. In 1994, a hapless man child in Australia to 100 ml of 70% HF spilled on the pants leg. He immediately pulled out fire hoses Kuangchong contaminated site, also jumped into the swimming pool. Unfortunately, in order to save your life, the last of his right leg amputated. Two weeks later, he died.

Even if the exposure concentration of hydrofluoric acid is less than 20%, if not handled in a timely manner could have serious consequences. If the concentration is less than 20%, there will be 24 hours "incubation period", after the incubation period appears erythema and pain, because it is easy to delay treatment incubation period, and other pain, chances are you have to chop hands. Then different concentrations, different incubation period, more than 50% effective immediately.