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Chromic acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid is toxic and harmful substances, the pollution has a greater effect on the environment and the human body, but the traditional electrolytic polishing process must be used to make the material more than bright polished surface, in an increasingly environmentally conscious today, more practical and less polluting methods have been developed, this paper describes a non-chromic acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid stainless steel polishing process.

Features: We protect the ink accurate grasp of the balance between acid and stripping time, that the effective protection of the product without causing low material and good stripping, can greatly enhance the yield, the product is made of imported materials, simple operation only need a screen.

Ink operating parameters:

Pre-treatment: glass lens surface cleaning;

1. screen: 200-350 mesh gauze, silk screen pattern.

2. Baking: 120-150 degrees 30-20 minutes.

3. Etching: 5% -30% hydrofluoric acid soaking.

4. Stripping: 5-10% sodium hydroxide for 1-3 minutes.


1. This crude product can use for printing, such as when you need to adjust the viscosity, use this product thinner, Stir before using.

2. Product clean the surface has a critical effect on the adhesion of the ink on the substrate, the substrate is clean and therefore required no oxide layer thoroughly before processing.

3. In case of contact with skin or eyes immediately with soap and plenty of water, or seek immediate medical attention.

4. The product is combustible, storage and use of premises is prohibited fireworks.

5. purchased from the market because now sell HF (hydrofluoric acid) the most dense concentration of not dilute 50%. As further dilution is to be calculated on this basis.