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At 7:00 on June 23, near Jixian Hukou Pro Kat speed toll after a bus carrying 16 tons of hydrofluoric acid truck tires on fire, causing the car loaded 16 tons of highly toxic hydrofluoric acid leak. In the rain after more than seven hours of continuous fighting, the ultimate success ruled out the danger, the accident caused no casualties.

At 22:00 on February 17, 2016 to at 4:00 on the 18th, Ningxia Jinhe Chemical Co., # 5 aluminum fluoride production line continuous reactor acid hydrogen fluoride gas leak occurred three times, resulting in 18 people surrounding residents for medical treatment, eight of whom remain in hospital for observation. Hydrogen fluoride and its aqueous solution hydrofluoric acid are toxic.

After preliminary analysis, the direct cause of the accident was the high pre-purification tank corrosion acid brick lined graphite partially detached, causing acid reflux tube blockage pre-purification, pre-purification column near the side of the reactor partially blocked airway, causing a lot of pre-purification intermittent acid through the airway into the reactor, and instantly produce large amounts of hydrogen fluoride gas, since the airway is partly blocked, the gas can not be completely absorbed by the emergency system pumped, resulting in some hydrogen fluoride gas from leaking from the furnace fast burner seal means. Hydrogen fluoride's aqueous solution is hydrofluoric acid.