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2016 of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market steadily rising market rally continues today No stop signs, as of press before, anhydrous HF market average offer rose to 6740 yuan / ton, compared with a early upstream 497.5 yuan / ton, or 7.97 percent, this is like a rose behind it who gave courage and support it? Cho Chong Analysis There are three main reasons:

Gains originated in Fujian Province, one of the supporting supply is shrinking:

In retrospect, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid overwhelmed gains originated in the end of December 2015, during the Fujian part of the production plant parking, reduce the supply of goods within the region, holding cargo shipping business improved, the company tentatively raised 100 yuan / ton pull starting up mode, and then in Jiangsu and Zhejiang enterprises have to follow up. Into 2016, the Spring Festival Effect, to cover short positions before the holiday and post-holiday action has triggered a terminal rigid, with insufficient production enterprises operating level of follow-up, the market supply and demand continues to ease, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid rally continuity.

Profit or even upside down running time longer, corporate mentality to be up strongly:

In recent years, the market price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid experienced a deep decline, the market price of shipping long walk near the cost line, corporate profit even run upside down to become the norm. Part of the industry chain relative to a single enterprise funds more unbearable pressure burden, emerging phenomenon of long-term parking. After nearly two years of the depth of cut, the company bid shipping willingness weakened, companies turn to joint intention very price higher, after the southern region, the company began a joint rise.