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Raw fluorite narrow rebound, even more corporate mentality very price

After the Spring Festival, China's fluorite market by low temperatures, thin profit, national regulatory efforts to strengthen resonance and many other reasons, the industry has been slow to upgrade the level of starts, enterprises operating plan was delayed, the industry started in March inadequate level of two percent. With the increase in the downstream rigid cover short positions act, shipping companies improved in some areas tight supply of goods, the market price is now $ 465 / ton increase, which gains mainly concentrated in the south, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid production costs 47-235 yuan / ton, became another boost market upward momentum.

The rise of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, the most concentrated in the south and the highest increase, mainly due to the collective agreement in the region, the company very price mentality and pull off. Currently the price of wind has begun to spread, Central China, North China after another to follow adjustment, but the Shandong market situation is difficult to shake the pan stability, Zhuo record information for the analysis of the main reasons: First, the supply and demand imbalances in the region is difficult to break, sent Further fluorite Shandong the price does not rise, some companies in the region in addition to low-cost volume Shandong market rose an impact.

Follow-up, the refrigerant market expected strong price rebound, but the industry level or difficult to start a major breakthrough, the support from the downstream aspects of the stay in the more spiritual level. Fluorite powder due to tight supply of raw materials, the market price of the late rebound may exist, sulfuric acid market situation is difficult to break the low consolidation, the cost of supporting efforts still face in. Production enterprises with a positive attitude is still to be up strongly, Zhuo record information anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is expected to short-term rising trend will continue.