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1.At 10:20 on April 30, 2016, the fourth floor of the library of Shanghai Maritime University, a woman was stabbed. Alarm police to the site disposal, because love dispute, the victim Zhou was attack by hydrofluoric acid, a knife jabbing his chest and abdomen, back etc., caused by Zhou was sent to the hospital but died on the same day 16 am death.

2.May, the domestic market steady upward adjustment of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, or at 100-500 yuan / ton, the market structure is still up north south main stable. Support market prices continue to rise reasons: First, in the south fluorite powder due to rainfall and underemployment affect flotation device, offer steady upward adjustment, part of production costs in the region has improved. Secondly, in the majority of the downstream refrigerant Model month rally, enthusiasm high end rigid cover short positions, the company orders in good condition. For the month, Southern producers price very strong mentality, but with continued increases larger space, the end of the rally has stalled; relatively stable for months in Shandong offer, market supply and demand fundamentals are good, but individual large enterprises continue Low for shipments rose an impact in the region, the month in the region, the company is only a modest rise in individual customers. Sulfuric acid raw material prices fell this month after another, the large stable fluorite powder was up, ups and downs of the hedge, the overall cost of limited volatility surface. As of May 30, the average price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid offer 6855 yuan / ton, an increase of 67.5 yuan / ton, or 0.99%; rose 148.42 yuan / ton, or 2.21%.

As of May 30, Shandong region offer range of 6500-7700 yuan / ton factory, the main area to the price of 6500-6900 yuan / ton, Shandong Dongyue accept the price in the 6500-6700 yuan / ton; East mainstream offer range of 6600-7200 yuan / ton factory in Zhejiang province to the price of 6800-7000 yuan / ton, Jiangsu Province to the price of 7000-7200 yuan / ton; central China offer range of 6500-6800 yuan / ton factory.

Outlook analysis

Overall, the likelihood June raw material prices upward again weaken, is expected to cost less than the face of the support efforts to May; end of the refrigerant market has declined subsequent possibility, market prices for anhydrous hydrofluoric acid or certain to bring again resistance. Zhuo record information is expected in June of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market trend to hold above the main refrigerant market should the reduction operation, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid or deposit market downside risk.