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Domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market was stable scattered downward adjustment to the north south down the main market stability. MERCOSUR offer another week down, down in the range 100-300 yuan / ton, the domestic manufacturers offer the whole center of gravity down to 6300-7000 yuan / ton. The main cause for the decline market fundamentals of supply and demand imbalance, downstream of the refrigerant market's recent downward trend, some manufacturers started the same time the level of performance has declined, domestic demand is relatively weak, comparatively speaking, the recent foreign trade demand is relatively good, some enterprises export orders remain optimistic, but the company's performance relative to low-cost volume significantly; northern continuation of pre-market stable situation, the main producers market shipments, Shandong Dongyue Group of recent shipments slightly nervous, which has a refrigerant plant starts reduction performance.

As of June 8, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid average offer 6805 yuan / ton, the average price of a downlink 50 yuan / ton. At present, Shandong region offer range of 6500-7700 yuan / ton factory, the main area to the price of 6500-6900 yuan / ton, Shandong Dongyue accept the price in the 6500-6700 yuan / ton; East mainstream offer 6300-7000 yuan range / ton factory, Zhejiang province to the price of 6600-6900 yuan / ton, Jiangsu Province to the price of 6900-7100 yuan / ton; central China offer range of 6450-6800 yuan / ton factory.

Observations outlook

Domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid rally has stalled, the downstream end of the refrigerant recent market volume and price down, the intensity of the demand for raw materials while cooling phenomenon significantly lower prices, while raw material fluorite powder this trend to stabilize, then decline again and again sulfuric acid, face lack of support costs. Zhuo record information anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is expected to post a weaker situation will continue.