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There are a lot of methods to treat hydrofluoric acid burns, the general principle is to use some soluble calcium, magnesium preparations to combine with fluoride ions to form insoluble calcium fluoride or magnesium fluoride, so fluoride ion inactivated. Site should be equipped with six F Ling fluid and other special drugs or lime soaking wet or easy to spread. Role in the formation of ammonia and hydrofluoric acid is corrosive two amine fluoride, it is not appropriate as a neutralizing agent. 

Hydrofluoric acid burns treatment solution (5% calcium chloride 20ml, 2% lidocaine 20ml, dexamethasone 5mg) or soaking wet. Or magnesium sulfate to ice as saturated liquid immersion, penetration calcium DC, use DC role, so that a sufficient amount of calcium ions directly into the site in need of treatment to improve the topical effect. Burns after the first 1 to 3 days, 1 or 2 times a day, every 20 to 30 minutes. Severe cases each treatment time and may be extended.

Hydrofluoric acid operating should be mechanization and automation. The operator must go through specialized training, strict adherence to rules, the operator should be familiar with and master the correct wear and use personal protective equipment, emergency escape routes and learn leak after the accident. Proposed operators wear self-absorption filter respirators (full cover), wear rubber acid suit, wear rubber gloves acid. Operation to closed operation, attention to ventilation, to avoid exposed skin. Positions should be equipped with spill response equipment and hexafluoropropylene spiritual rinse and calcium gluconate and other drugs. Work site prohibit smoking, eating and drinking. After work, take a shower, separate storage of toxic pollution by the clothes, washed standby. To maintain good health habits.