Potassium fluoride,anhydrous
           Potassium fluoride,extra pure
           Potassium fluoride,Granular
           Silicon Dioxide
           Hydrofluoric acid
           Synthetic Cryolite
           Potassium Fluoaluminate
           Ammonium bifluoride
           Potassium Bifluoride
           Aluminium fluoride
           Sodium fluoride
           Potassium Fluorosilicate
           Fluorosilicic Acid
           Sodium silicofluoride
           Potassium Hydroxide Flakes
           Magnesium Fluoride
           Magnesium fluorosilicate
           Barium Fluoride
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Hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid manufacturers in Fujian factory price is about 6000-6300 yuan / ton, the actual turnover of the level of both the majority of the export turnover is slightly higher, domestic sales are still negotiating space, near the end of the manufacturers inventory pressure.

Guided by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, CDRC, China electronics research center in the morning, NetSun, business community & China Chemical Network's "Ninth (2016) Fluorine Chemical Industry Development Summit Forum" in 2016 8 Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province, held May 18-20, all are welcome to visit the guidance.