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June 5, 2015 6:10 am, a car containing dangerous chemicals hydrofluoric acid large truck rollover accident. Currently, vehicle accident has blocked the leak, the chemical is no longer leaking, the situation has been effectively controlled.

Incident point in the Yulin to North direction K589 + 800 Chu Yu-iron highway. Water and soil contamination is a comprehensive treatment, environmental protection, water conservancy, hydrological and other relevant departments are closely monitoring the results.

It is well know that the only chemical which effectively dissolves silicon dioxide is hydrofluoric acid. But note that silicon dioxide does dissolve to a very slight extent in water. The beaches are not dissolving away into the ocean, but some tiny amount of silicon dioxide is dissolving. 

According to investigation, the driver of a Compromise driver Lai Zhejiang number H06587-trailer, loaded 20 tons of chemicals hydrofluoric acid to the Beihai City, jade iron highway junction Bobai fumian to rollover occurred, resulting in leakage of hydrofluoric acid The driver was not hurt, but the vehicle guards has not yet found.