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2001-2013, the Washington State reported 49 car wash caused by the occupational injury cases of hydrofluoric acid, the culprit is the car cleaning products in hydrofluoric acid. In addition, hydrofluoric acid is also used in aluminum brightener.

49 cases: one people death with the ingestion of automotive cleaners which containing hydrofluoric acid; 48 people (mainly in the automotive profession beautician, cleaning workers and drivers) because of work during exposure to hydrofluoric acid cause chemical burns, contact product the concentration of hydrofluoric acid ranges from 0.5 to 20%.

There are 7 people were hospitalized, two of whom underwent surgery (burn debridement, skin grafting stratification, eschar removal). 5 people hospitalized patients in the fingers and hand injuries, they are in the process of a job due to various reasons in direct contact with a solution containing hydrofluoric acid.

In production work, hydrofluoric acid can also manufacture a variety of inorganic and organic fluoride materials such as manufacturing refrigerants, "Freon" organic fluorine plastics, pesticides and etc.; also can be used to corrode glass, metal sculpture; in electrolytic method the fluorine, aluminum and electronics industries.

When using products containing hydrofluoric acid, workplaces must take technology and management controls to limit exposure. Since hydrofluoric acid exposure may cause serious adverse health outcomes, and therefore develop less harmful products to replace industrial cleaning products containing hydrofluoric acid would be the most fundamental measure.