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Hydrofluoric acid, HF is a common washing agent, mainly used in automotive lighting and cleaning the contaminated vehicle road grime. The study found that injured workers is mainly due to forget to wear gloves or gloves with holes caused by the hands, head or eye burns, of which seven workers were rushed to hospital, three workers suffered third-degree burns, two workers must do surgery including skin grafts, including.

One example cited in the report is that a worker in the washing solution containing hydrofluoric acid poured from one container to another when the washing liquid spilled on his left leg, he was not aware of it seriousness, he continued to work for 90 minutes, when he contacted the washing liquid skin burning sensation began to appear, he found his pants and shoes were thoroughly soaked in the washing liquid. The ambulance workers were sent to a burn unit, but then he has appeared in third-degree burns, so did skin grafts. Although he is now healed, but chronic numbness in his left foot, so he applied for and received permanent partial disability compensation.

Researchers believe that this investigation, the car wash when using a low concentration of hydrofluoric acid, a little pain or no pain after contact with skin, therefore use its workers often do not realize that they have been burned, until they go to seek medical attention when it has held up the best time for treatment.

She said commercial car wash or cleaning truck field should use hydrofluoric acid-free alternatives, but does use hydrofluoric acid for workplace, they should ensure that workers are well aware of serious harm to the human body caused by hydrofluoric acid, and is configured for workers gloves and other protective equipment.

Hydrofluoric acid application is quite wide, from the manufacture of washing freezing, corrosion, polished glass, ceramics to marble, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, plastics, solvents, condensing agents and high-octane petroleum feedstocks are visible its traces. Other manufacturing industries such as semiconductor, microelectronic circuits, quartz crystal is also an important manufacturing use. Such as rust agents, brighteners and detergents may have its components in the family.