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Chinese fluorite mining distributed widely, but has many small mine, reserves are limited, it's also facing many problems.

One problem: China needs fluorite reserves can not guarantee sustainable economic development. Due to over-exploitation, excessive exports, China still recoverable reserves of fluorite less than 8 years, only one-fifth of the world.

The second problem: lack of national development and fluorite fluorine chemical coordinated long-term development plan. National fluorite and hydrofluoric acid has excess capacity, with fluorite resources, local government still encourages enterprises New fluorite and hydrofluoric acid production plant, is transferred to the Chinese foreign fluorine chemical companies to provide cheap raw materials, weakening of fluorine chemical industry competitiveness.

The third problem: implementation of fluorite export quota bidding system does not reduce the amount of fluorite exports, but disguise the development of hydrofluoric acid export of high energy consumption, high pollution. Press hydrofluoric acid required to produce 1 ton converted three tons of fluorite, hydrofluoric acid in China in 2001 total exports of fluorspar exports converted into fluorite 1.16 million tons in 2008, total exports of 1.056 million tons of Chinese exports of fluorspar as soon as possible if not stop, after 10 years China is likely to import fluorite.

In order to ensure that our fluorite resources to protect the needs of economic development, restrictions on the export of fluorite and hydrofluoric acid is a wise move. In order not to affect the world of industrial fluoride fluorite importing country, the importing country to fluorite two-year lead time to turn toward fluorite from other countries, China should now be declared completely stop the export of fluorite and hydrofluoric acid after 2 years.