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GB 7744-1998 "industrial hydrofluoric acid" national standards for nearly 10 years, the production unit must be improved for production process, quality control, product quality and the requirements of the users also have further improved. As a result, production units and users to think that the standard has not fully meets the requirement, the indexes and parameters should make appropriate adjustments.

Current production capacity of industrial hydrofluoric acid nearly one hundred thousand tons, the product exports each year about 30000 tons, over the next few annual output will grow, but the total demand for the future of our country is far from enough. Hydrofluoric acid application is very extensive, hydrofluoric acid as an important raw material of fluorine chemical industry can produce fluorine refrigerant, fluoropolymer, containing fluorine medicine, with its production of aluminum fluoride and cryolite aluminium industry indispensable assistant, it's refinery alkylation catalyst, steel stainless steel cleaner. In addition of fluoride salt with hydrofluoric acid is widely used in food protection, special metal smelting, leather and textile processing, specimen preservation and nuclear industry and other industries. Current standards have been implemented for many years, with the enlargement of the application range of products and increasing dosage on the electronics industry, made the indexes stipulated in the standard can not meet the needs of the masses of users, so the application scope, the individual index, bulk modify requirements are put forward.

Hydrofluoric Acid: CAS: 7664-39-3, it's physical and chemical properties: hydrofluoric acid aqueous is the solution of hydrogen fluoride gas, it is a colorless transparent liquid to pale yellow smoke. Stimulating odour. Formula for HF - H2O. Relative density 1.15 ~ 1.18. Boiling point 112.2 ℃ (by weight percentage of 38.2%). It is exposed to air, forming white mist. Below 20 DHS C, colorless transparent liquid smoke, and metal oxide, sodium hydroxide and carbonate reaction generated metal fluoride salt, with the nature of the dissolved silica and silicates, and sulphur trioxide or fluoride sulfonic acid, chlorosulfonic acid and halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, alkenes, hydrocarbon reaction fluorine-containing organic compounds, soluble in water to generate strong corrosive acid.  

Hydrofluoric acid is a kind of reductant, if long-term storage, not only need a sealed container, and container should as far as possible to air. The hydrofluoric acid can dissolve the vast majority of inorganic oxide ability is reducing.