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The determination of content of hydrofluoric acid:

Hydrofluoric acid content in the product is mainly based on the requirement and determine, in the standard type Ⅰ products identified as three levels, not less than 40%, 55% and 40% respectively. Ⅱ products identified as four levels, respectively, is not less than 30%, 40%, 50% and 55%.

The determination of fluorosilicic acid content:

Fluosilicic acid content in the product at the request of the Ⅰ, Ⅱ products have very big difference, the main reason is that the two classes, respectively, have different purposes. Different requirements for different purposes of fluorosilicic acid content. Including Ⅰ type products are mainly used for fluoride salt production of raw materials, to ensure the quality of downstream products, deal with the indexes is relatively strict control. Standard of the index in three specifications of the products, the same index parameters, its content is not greater than 0.05%. Although the use of the product in Ⅱ type including fluorine sodium aluminate, aluminum fluoride and other fluoride salt production, but the fluoride salt mainly metallurgical additive, the purpose of the product, such as aluminium flux for hydrofluoric acid product fluorosilicic acid content in the request is not high. Then there is metal and metal surface treatment of glass used for etching products, also to the requirement of fluorosilicic acid content is relatively low. So in Ⅱ fluosilicic acid content in the products will be high, because Ⅱ type product use relatively wide, four specifications of the products is not greater than 2.5%, 5.0%, 8.0% and 10.0%, respectively.

The determination of non-volatile acid content:

With the determination of volatile acid content determination of silicofluoric acid content in the product, also is according to different product use and determined, its parameters is also quite big difference. Ⅰ type product of HF - Ⅰ - 40 specifications is not greater than 0.05%, HF - Ⅰ - 55 and HF - Ⅰ - 70 specification is not greater than 0.08%. Ⅱ type product of HF - Ⅱ - 30 and HF - Ⅱ - 40, 50 and HF HF - Ⅱ - - Ⅱ - 55 specifications are not greater than 1.0% and 1.0% respectively.