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GB 7744-1998 "industrial hydrofluoric acid" in China is not control. To ensure the quality of hydrofluoric acid products in China, make the hydrofluoric acid products reached the level of similar foreign products. Indicators for the control in this standard, the determination method using the same method with Japanese standards, namely under the 700 + 50 ℃ calcination after weighing the weight of the residue. Basic indicators was not due to the current domestic users demand, therefore, to this standard for the type of inspection items.

Hydrofluoric acid product belongs to dangerous chemicals, about the sign of dangerous chemical, labels shall be specified in the related standards, this standard for the product logo tag made specific provision. Such as: packing containers should have strong clear mark, and mark, the content of the label information.

About the packing of the dangerous chemicals shall be specified in relevant standards, in view of the hydrofluoric acid products, specified in the relevant standards should be lined with steel container or hydrofluoric acid resistant anticorrosive material plastic containers.  

The content of the transportation and storage in this standard is according to the stipulations of relevant laws, regulations and standards to be clear. To ensure that the hydrofluoric acid product safety in the process of transportation and storage.

Standard according to risk hydrofluoric acid product physical and chemical properties, characteristics and emergency disposal methods such as requirements, puts forward the safety information and tips.