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1,Zhejiang Juhua Group Kay Kay St. fluorine chemical Constant Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

June 2011 have been made public before the annual output of 30,000 tons of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid expansion project environmental impact report approval. In the electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid based on the existing 07,000 tons / year on, and then a new 23,000 tons / year electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid unit. It plans to build a 15,000 tons / year electronic grade HF production plant in 2011, supporting the construction of 20,000 tons / year of anhydrous fluoride Means hydrogen; in 2013 a new set of 08,000 tons / year of UP-S grade HF plant. Early 2012 has released Juhua Shares Investment Bulletin on Kaisheng company 6,000 tons of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid ppt fixed asset investment projects. With the introduction of technologies, including the content of raw material supply system, HF purification systems, filtration dilution circulation system, filtration system finished and finished tank systems. Project investment in fixed assets 83 million yuan, is expected to put into operation in October 2012. (Note: 70% of ppt electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is mainly used in LED wafer production, the basic ppt level of domestic products by imports.) 

2,Zhejiang Blue Su fluoride Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Blue Su fluoride from Zhejiang blue sky and green high-tech Co., Ltd., Solvay Fluor Holdings (Asia) Limited, a joint venture of Sino-foreign joint ventures, the registered capital of 40 million yuan. The company in November 19, 2006 started construction 20,000 tons / year of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride project, September 16, 2007 and put into production. 39 Huayang Road is located in Quzhou Hi-tech Industrial Park. Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid project to introduce Solvay's advanced production technology, with a total investment of 35 million yuan, of which 1.7 million yuan investment in environmental protection. The company in April 2010 started construction in December 2011 put into trial operation. Products for the solar industry. Solvay Solvay hydrofluoric acid enterprises in China. According to 2012 Summary (Quzhou City) column, the total investment of 28.38 million yuan, 11.06 million yuan investment after the audit Zhejiang industrial transformation and upgrading of special funds projects in 2012 pending provincial industrial transformation and upgrading of special funds project subsidies 640,000 yuan. Project for the annual output of 5,000 tons of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid project, produce UP level, UPS grade electronic grade hydrofluoric acid. Existing electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid levels have four (from low to high respectively AR grade, EL grade, UP level, UPS level), now the country's own technology and EL AR grade level, blue-Soviet company's electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is UP and UPS grade level. Supporting the implementation of the project conditions are, and have been completed and put into production, the quality has reached the design standard.