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Hydrofluoric acid is the aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride gas. It's a clear, colorless, fuming corrosive liquid with a pungent odor severe. Melting point: -83.3 ℃, boiling point: 112.2 ℃, density: 0.888g / cm3. Soluble in water, ethanol, ether-soluble. Because between hydrogen atoms and fluorine atoms bonded relatively strong, so that hydrofluoric acid can not be completely ionized in water, so in theory a low concentration of hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid (in fact belong to their ionization constant acid). It is extremely corrosive and can strongly corrode metal, glass and silicon-containing objects. Such as inhalation of vapors or contact with the skin can cause burns difficult to cure. Laboratory general use fluorite (mainly composed of calcium fluoride) and concentrated sulfuric acid to make, may need to be sealed in a plastic bottle, and stored in a cool place.

Commercially available Typical concentrations: solute mass fraction of 40% is technical grade; 40% mass fraction, the electronic level. It is highly hazardous poison. When the most concentrated density 1.18g / cm3, HF solution with mass fraction increase, HF carbon steel corrosion rate is then decreased. Due to the formation of hydrogen bonds with a weak acid at low concentrations, but rather when the concentration degree of ionization and generally weak electrolyte are different than dilute big. Acidic liquid hydrogen fluoride is a strong acid, anhydrous sulfuric acid acidity and fairly, but lower than Nafion weaker. Corrosion of teeth, bone damage is more serious. Silicon compounds are highly corrosive. It should be kept in a sealed plastic bottle.