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Soluble in water derived with hydrofluoric acid(HF). For engraving glass, cleaning residue on the sand casting, controlled fermentation, power semiconductor wafer polishing and cleaning corrosion (with HNO3 mixed acid). Because between hydrogen atoms and fluorine atoms bonded relatively strong, so that hydrofluoric acid can not be completely ionized in water.

HF must be stored in plastic (in theory, can be placed in a container made of polytetrafluoroethylene) and rubber-lined tank EV5735 (EV5735 only one rubber which is resistant to hydrofluoric acid), prepared or waxy Lead container. Hydrofluoric acid is no reduction. If you want long-term storage due to shorter life polytetrafluoroethylene, you can use EV5735 rubber lined tanks or equipment.

The reaction with silicon and silicon compounds generated gaseous silicon tetrafluoride (can corrode glass), but plastic, EV5735 rubber, wax, lead, gold, platinum corrode. Miscible with water and ethanol. Commercially available solute mass fraction of 40% hydrofluoric acid, corresponds 22.5mol / L. 35.35% hydrofluoric acid as an azeotropic mixture. Toxic, the minimum lethal dose (rats, intraperitoneal) 25mg / kg. Corrosive, strongly etched metal, glass and silicon-containing objects. Such as inhalation of vapors or contact with the skin can form more difficult to heal ulcers.

Industrial production method: industrial use potassium hydrogen fluoride were heated to 500 ℃ thermal decomposition or fluorite (calcium fluoride CaF2) and concentrated sulfuric acid heated to 700 ℃ to prepare hydrofluoric acid.