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Hydrofluoric acid is aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride. Hydrogen fluoride, colorless gas or colorless liquid smoke, a pungent smell. China's dangerous gauge number: 81015.

Toxicology of hydrofluoric acid:

Rats and mice inhaling hydrogen fluoride 5 min LC50 of 14400 mg/m3 F and 5000 F mg/m3, respectively. Inhalation of 60 min LC50 MGF of 1100 MGF/m3 and 1100 / m3, respectively. Guinea pigs in HF15 min LC50 of 3540 MGF/m3. Acute poisoning animals can be found that the eyes, nose mucous membrane irritation, weakness, weight loss. Histological examination showed acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa and partial necrosis, renal tubular epithelial necrosis, hepatic congestion, and liver cells vacuolation myeloid cells, bone marrow hyperplasia. Rat, dog, rabbit is 6% ~ 6% hf inhaled LC50 dose, can happen tracheobronchitis, conjunctiva and nasal mucosa stimulation, and sustainable about 4 days.  

Rats inhaled hydrogen fluoride, found that 99.8% of hydrogen is absorbed by the upper respiratory tract, fluoride concentrations in plasma increased significantly, and was positively correlated with the concentration of hydrogen fluoride in the air. Hydrogen fluoride absorption after soluble in water in the body, form hydrofluoric acid toxic effect and performance, as well as from the eduction in urine. Long-term exposure can accumulate in the bone.  

Hydrogen fluoride in animal and per capita can cause because of gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by vomiting, tenderness and muscle weakness and spasm, color abnormal cranial nerve dysfunction. Kidney and circulation organ damage. Long-term exposure can cause the change of bone and teeth, cause bone sclerosis, which is bone hyperplasia and ligament of calcium, resulting in movement disorders, bone and fluorine content in urine also increased.