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Inhaled hydrofluoric acid concentration of 10 mg/m3, can have eyes, nose, smell stimulation, throat itching and mouths, sometimes see nasal mucous ulcer. Treatment can be handled as acute acidity excitant gas poisoning, such as flush the eye injury, local use antibiotic ointment daub, saline solution gargle, 2% ~ 4% sodium bicarbonate atomization inhalation, prevent secondary infection, etc.

1. Acute poisoning

HF belongs to high toxic in contact with hydrogen fluoride or hydrofluoric acid smog concentration of 25 mg/m3 even if a person feel stimulation, 400 ~ 430 mg/m3 can cause acute poisoning death. At the time of 5 mg/m3 produce tears, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion. Higher concentration will cause a burning sensation in the nose, throat, retrosternal, loss of the sense of smell, cough and hoarseness. When serious cause of conjunctiva, nasal mucosa, refractory ulcers of the oral mucosa, epistaxis, nasal septum perforation, even bronchitis or pneumonia. Have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, short of breath sometimes and central nervous system symptoms. Inhaling high concentrations, even can cause pulmonary edema of reflective suffocation, toxic, tetany, arrhythmia, lower high blood low blood calcium, magnesium, potassium, duration between ecg examination reealed the Q - T, ST -t change, serious ventricular fibrillation death.