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Hydrofluoric acid is more dangerous than concentrated sulfuric acid´╝îthere are several reason in the following points:

Shortly after exposure to concentrated sulfuric acid it will have a strong burning sensation, usually wound first blush, such as blisters, after carbonization. So significantly stimulate people to make timely treatment, out of the laundry in a small amount of concentrated sulfuric acid after exposure, a lot of water rinse is usually very effective. Whereas only 30% hydrofluoric acid concentration will be more obvious when the contact of pain, low concentrations (as low as 2%) no stimulation, the appearance is difficult to distinguish with water (concentrated sulfuric acid will be more viscous, slightly refractive index high, but there is no obvious characteristics of hydrofluoric acid). Even at low concentrations, hydrofluoric acid is also at great speed into the tissue penetration (far faster than other mineral acid), so once exposure would surely invade tissue, you should go to hospital for treatment immediately( the concentration sulfuric water rushed over and found no bubble, you can rest assured).

After hydrofluoric acid into the body, it will enter the blood circulation, it affects the body's tissues, particularly bone. Hydrofluoric acid attack toxicological mainly calcium ions to form insoluble calcium fluoride: Acute effects include decreased rapidly calcium, causing arrhythmia and even cardiac arrest. However, concentrated sulfuric acid partial effect on the body. 

Hydrofluoric acid exposure usually only with calcium gluconate treatment: topical ointment rub exposed place, sometimes systemic medication. It can also be taken orally to incorporate fluoride ions. However, this treatment will produce large amounts of calcium fluoride insoluble: dosage hours by renal metabolism (also caused renal toxicity), when large doses can induce stones throughout the body,  it can't be take out even though with surgery. All people involved in first aid should also to their painted cream.