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           Fluorosilicic Acid
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           Magnesium Fluoride
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Long-term exposure to the ultra concentration of hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride acid fog, can cause teeth acid scarification disease, characterized by tooth is sensitive to cold, heat, acid, sweet stimulus, a toothache, loose teeth, teeth coarse lacklustre, jagged rim, etc. Most serious dental crowns, defect or leaving only residual roots, can have the pulp exposure and dental pulp water cavity lesions. At the same time, often accompanied by bleeding gums, drying rhinitis, epistaxis, hyposmia, chronic sore throat, bronchitis, etc. Hydrofluoric acid vapour can cause itching and dermatitis. If the intake of excessive fluorine endemic fluorine disease since childhood can appear fluorine spot tooth, the early performance for tooth enamel lose luster, pale seems to chalk (cretaceous); Teeth appear small sag gradually, there are yellow, brown, black pigmentation; Late teeth crunchy, easily broken, always have defects.