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Dental erosion diagnosis principle according to definite HF or hydrofluoric acid exposure history of acid fog, and the clinical characteristics of gum tissue damage is given priority, refer to the job site hygiene survey, and with other similar gum tissue disease identification, and according to the diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational dental erosion "(GB 1638-1996) for diagnosis and classification. 

The principle of hydrofluoric acid burn diagnosis, need to have certain hydrofluoric acid exposure history, and the short period of time after contact with skin or eye damage or with systemic toxicity characteristics of poisoning, combined with the low serum calcium and urinary fluoride content, can be diagnosed, according to the diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational chemical skin burns "(GB 16371-1996) were classified and processing.

Skin and eye burns after continue to thoroughly rinse immediately with plenty of liquid water, generally not less than 20 min. Local selects the neutralizer soaking or shi fu, besmear outside also can be made from cream dressing. Common neutralizing agent 25% magnesium sulfate solution; 10% calcium gluconate solution; Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzoyl chloride hydrocarbon amine solution; Hydrofluoric acid burn treatment fluid (5% calcium chloride 20 ml, 2% lidocaine 20 ml, dexamethasone 5 mg, dimethyl sulfoxide 60 ml. In order to prevent the hydrofluoric acid through the respiratory tract, skin absorption of poisoning, depending on the exposure and the condition, under the electrocardiogram (ecg) monitoring and blood calcium detection, early in a timely manner to calcium supplements, such as 10% calcium gluconate 10 to 20 ml, static note or static drop, at the same time apply early, plenty of glucocorticoids. Burn wound should be thoroughly debridement, have local blister forms, removal of necrotic tissue drainage. Deep wounds corrosion, deep Ⅱ ~ Ⅲ degree burns, should choose the time, as far as possible early for skin grafts. For calcium ion penetration or the base of the wound and surrounding with 10% calcium gluconate closed, think now may cause circulation obstruction, tissue necrosis, claims no more.