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Hydrofluoric acid(AHF), it's equipments are advanced production and technology will continue to increase, some technology backwardness, serious environmental pollution, raw materials and high energy consumption of the device will be eliminated.

At present, the domestic production equipment and a lot of traditional process technology and equipment, through 10 years of improvement, there is congenitally deficient, with imported technology and equipment, or domestic after digesting and absorbing international advanced technology to research and design of the device to compete. The original six yuan chemical development of 3000 t/a hydrofluoric acid device, has become the domestic numerous AHF production line model. On the basis of many units, optimize the AHF production technology, constantly improve the production capacity of the single set of reaction device, constantly improve production technology and automatic control level of the process, such as rotary kiln reaction, increase its diameter from 1600 mm to 3000 mm. Some units also pre reactor was developed by oneself, and within the furnace return slag and other advanced technology, fluorite powder, measuring the ratio of sulfate and the process parameters are realized the computer automatic control equipment, thus greatly improve the equipment capacity and product quality, reduce the intensity of operators, and reduce the raw material and energy consumption, in addition to Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries the types of hydrofluoric acid equipments, production and management level have been walk in the forefront of the other countries, has a certain competitive ability and the ability to resist risks.

Rapid development of hydrofluoric acid production capacity in 2000 years. Is expected in the next few years, the development of AHF speed will continue.