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Hydrofluoric acid is the most basic of fluorine chemical products, with the wide application of fluorine chemicals, expanding the market. Refrigerator, air conditioner refrigerant, fluorine ethylene production using methylene fluoride a chlorine, medicine, pesticide intermediates, fluoride salt products, containing fluorine electronic chemicals, containing fluorine coating, fluorine plastic, fluorine rubber, etc., in recent years the development is quite fast.

Currently the world's proven fluorite mineral reserves is about 500 million ton, which are mainly distributed in China, Mexico, South Africa, Mongolia, Russia, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, namibia, Kenya and other countries, including China (54%), Mexico (14%), Europe (13%), South Africa (5%), other countries combined accounted for 14%. Fluorite resource is abundant in our country, along with our country the non-renewable resources have taken many measures, fluorite exports reduced year by year, so foreign various fluorine chemical enterprise or dealers to discuss China business of AHF, or joint venture with domestic enterprise cooperation production of AHF and other fluorine chemicals, in order to occupy the Chinese market and international market, therefore in recent years the hydrofluoric acid water (including AHF and hydrofluoric acid), export market is substantial increase year by year.

China's exports of hydrofluoric acid is growing every year, especially since 2002, more growth, increased by 335113% compared with 2000 in 2004. Is expected in the future, with the strengthening of control fluorite resources, the international market the demand of hydrofluoric acid in China will continue to increase.