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China is a powerful country of output fluorite, and its production has accounted for 56% of the world, 21st century our country ability of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid(HF) device has been rising at an annual rate of 12%. With the progress of science and technology, the application of HF products is more and more widely, market demand is more and more big, the anhydrous HF production process requirement also more and more high, in addition, sulfur is a key link in the process of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid(HF) production.

In the process of chemical reaction to produce anhydrous HF, sulfur is easy to corrode the equipment and pipeline, so we often adopt the following measures to reduce sulfur production: (1) to reduce the sulfur content in raw materials, (2) in the process of production of hydrofluoric acid(HF), by physical or chemical methods to reduce sulfur production.

In the ratio of combining KMnO4 with H2O2, KMnO4 content is 0.16%, not more than 1%. Heated to a temperature of about 70 ℃, after mixing with both the mutual reaction of SO2 oxidation into elemental sulfur, make its not volatilize and precipitation in the bottom of the container, reducing pollution from sulfur gas discharge. Since then the scholar diligence in this process, the reaction container pressure drops to 0.2 MPA, join KMO4, and KMO4 content is 0.5% ~ 0.5%, through chemical reaction makes liquid of SO2 to volatile compounds. After joining H2O2 concentration is above 30%, after cooling, reflux, vaporization, to thoroughly remove sulfur material in the hydrofluoric acid(HF).

Using traditional crude distillation tower of clogging, corrosion would happen frequently, often because of these problems was forced to shutdown. Therefore, the scholars in front of the crude distillation tower with a coke filter, to enter the coarse distillation tower of gas cleaning processing, reduce the distillation column appears the probability of congestion, to prolong the period of distillation tower. The method adopts the dust removal equipment with fine distillation to remove the sulfur content in the process of hydrogen production. Another common method is to use organic-inorganic hybrid film, the film contains tetrafluoroethylene, polycarbonate, resistant to high temperature of 120 ℃, negative pressure 3000 pa, effectively removing the dust in the hydrofluoric acid(HF).