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Engineering control of hydrofluoric acid: airtight manipulation, attention to drafty. As far as possible, mechanization and automation. Provide safety shower and eye equipment.  

Respiratory protection: may contact the smoke, wearing a self-priming filter type gas mask (full-face) or air respirator. Emergency rescue or evacuation, recommends wearing oxygen respirator.  

Eye protection: respiratory protection has been made in protection. Body protection: wear rubber resistant to acid and alkali. Hand protection: wear rubber gloves resistant to acid and alkali. Other protection: work site no smoking, eating and drinking water. After work, shower change clothes. Kept by poison pollution clothes, wash the backup. To maintain good health habits.  

Waste disposal method: using excessive limewater neutralization, precipitation precipitation landfill disposal or recycling, supernatant dilute the back into the wastewater system.  

Packing method: into rows or special plastic container inside, then in wooden cases. Gap filling well arranged with non-combustible material; Lead into a plastic bottle, special bakelite and rubber, or container,

Combustion hazard of hydrofluoric acid: this material does not burn, highly toxic, strong corrosion resistance, strong excitant, can cause the human body burns.  

Skin contact: immediately take off pollution of dress, with plenty of water washing at least 15 minutes. Go to a doctor.  

Eye contact: immediately filed a eyes, with plenty of water or saline thoroughly flushed at least 15 minutes. Go to a doctor.  

Breathing: hydrofluoric acid rapidly from the scene to fresh air. Keep respiratory tract unobstructed. Such as difficulty in breathing, give oxygen. If breathing stops, artificial respiration immediately. Go to a doctor. Food into: water gargle, to drink milk or egg white. Go to a doctor.  

The danger of hydrofluoric acid features: this product is not burning, but it can react with most metals, hydrogen explosion caused by nature. Blowing agent H burning immediately. Strong causticity. Hazardous combustion products: hydrogen fluoride. Dilution method: agent: water fog, foam.

Dilute sulphuric acid is a kind of non oxidizing acid, with the increase of concentration will form the oxidizing acid, it can be restored into sulfur dioxide. Sulfuric acid amount of dissolved oxygen in a u-shaped curve, namely in the sulfuric acid and dilute sulphuric acid oxygen content is higher, when the medium concentration oxygen content is low. As a result, the metal in the dilute sulphuric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid are easy to be passivation (that is, forming solid sulfate or oxide film on metal surface process), the formation of protective film can stop or slow down the metal corrosion, reduce the corrosion speed; In medium concentration in the passivation film is difficult to generate, this is the reason why medium concentration sulfuric acid corrosion is very demanding. Sulfuric acid is a kind of very good moisture absorption agent, it can absorb moisture in the air and dilution, acid concentration decline gradually, once was below 68%, entered the corrosive strong concentration.